Graduation Speaker / Gary McKechnie

If You Don't Know Where You're Going,
Any Road Will Get You There

Following every commencement ceremony, nearly every graduate in America will look at their diploma and ask one essential question…

“Now what?”

Navigating life can be challenging for anyone — but is especially perplexing for anyone who has yet to acquire real-life experience.

During this interactive presentation, students approaching graduation will be reminded that they possess the advantage of time. In easily applicable lessons they’ll learn methods to handle setbacks, how to transform their passion into a career and, most importantly, ways they can shift gears and change direction before traveling too far down a dead-end road.

With a blend of humor and real-life experiences that took him from stand-up comedy stages to writing the nation’s best-selling motorcycle guidebook to running for state senate, Gary’s message of pursuing possibilities and charting a course based on passions is one that resonates with graduates across America.

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