Change Management Speaker / Gary McKechnie

The Exhilaration of Change

Before life got in the way of living, it was natural to set goals that seemed impossible, yet felt incredibly real. Every individual, every business, and every association member yearns to strive for more, yet over time as we become sedentary our goals become secondary.

Gary’s storytelling, audience participation and historical anecdotes convey to attendees step-by-step measures how to approach and overcome anxiety-inducing transitions and pursue new possibilities. By the end of this session participants will have renewed faith in their personal potential, confidence in their career goals, methods for transforming apprehension into action, and a realization that their renewed purpose will lead them in positive new directions.

Using his natural passion for education and a sense of humor honed as stand-up comedian, Gary delivers intriguing and inspiring content in a universal yet uniquely defined message of potential that can be targeted to individuals, team members, businesses, and associations.

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