Change Management Speaker / Gary McKechnie

Seven Essential Business Lessons from Our American Heritage

Throughout history, individuals and businesses have often found themselves paralyzed by a lack of capital, stuck in place by an absence of technical ability, or bemoaning defeats that prevented them from facing the future and trying again.

The key to unlocking and unleashing potential energy can be found in our American heritage.

Throughout our nation’s history, the single constant of human nature provides us with valuable and effective lessons in leadership, teamwork, and success for individuals, businesses, and entire associations.

By the end of this session participants will see how artificial courage can lead to genuine confidence, how setting impossible goals has harnessed incredible new levels of teamwork, how past disappointments can inspire future energy, and methods that exchange excuses for a shared sense of possibility.

With the same passion he applies to his life as a traveler, historian, and author, Gary shares powerful stories and personal insights in motivational messages that reflect our history; stories that touch the hearts and minds of audiences because they are rooted in reality – and results.

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