The Beatles, Inc.

No other group in history could match the Beatles in popularity and output. They seemed to have a natural ability to recognize that in show business that ‘business’ was equally as important as the show.

And they knew this long before they ever recorded their first single. Like a company knows it has to produce something no other company can manufacture, the Beatles knew they would have to stand out as well. And they would have to do it by improving their product.

In 1958, 18-year-old John and 16-year-old Paul had mastered three foundational chords every campfire strummer knows: the I, the IV, and V — all major chord combinations (E-A-D or G-C-D or E-A-B.)

John and Paul wanted more. They heard about a musician on the other side of Liverpool who knew what would become known as “the missing chord.” John and Paul got on a bus and rode clear across town where an anonymous, but influential, guitarist taught them…

The B7. A minor chord.

With that, they possessed a product no other Liverpool group was using. It was a minor 4 chord — a surprise chord – that would make their sound distinct and memorable.

With that in mind, what’s the “missing chord” that would make your business distinct and memorable?

Gary McKechnie

From a life of transition and excitement, Gary McKechnie shares personal experiences and historical insights to show how individuals, businesses, and team members can pursue new possibilities. By helping audiences understand their contributions to business while also honoring an individual debt to themselves, their families, and their communities, his message defines the differences between work and career – and the importance of both. His skill as a master storyteller captivates audiences and turns their apprehension into adrenaline as they establish new goals to transition with confidence through their changing world.