The Pursuit of Possibilities

Over time as we become more sedentary, our goals become secondary and then it takes a special effort to convince ourselves that we really need to move forward and pursue those goals. Sometimes it’s because we simply lack the drive – we’ve lost the ability to dream of something different. Other times it’s because we allow anxiety and apprehension to stop us in our tracks. If we do make an effort to go after those possibilities, we often follow the path of least resistance.

But have you ever noticed that the path of least resistance is often the path of least results? Let me put that another way: The path of most results is through the path of most resistance.

Think about this for a second. Think back and remember those times when you faced the greatest resistance-– those troubles, struggles, roadblocks, challenges, and difficulties you encountered and overcame during rock bottom times. It may not have been fun, it may not have been warranted, and it certainly isn’t anything you’d like to go through again… but here’s the good news.

You don’t have to.

Having been through those times, you can learn from the past and know what to do to avoid repeating it. One lesson you’ll recognize when you look back on those difficult periods is that, in time, the Universe puts things in the right place.

So take a chance. Pursue those possibilities. Even if you’re disappointed in the results, next time around you’ll know a better path to get there.

Gary McKechnie

From a life of transition and excitement, Gary McKechnie shares personal experiences and historical insights to show how individuals, businesses, and team members can pursue new possibilities. By helping audiences understand their contributions to business while also honoring an individual debt to themselves, their families, and their communities, his message defines the differences between work and career – and the importance of both. His skill as a master storyteller captivates audiences and turns their apprehension into adrenaline as they establish new goals to transition with confidence through their changing world.